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Online MP3 Converter

There are many audio converters available some online while others available for download. Presently, in the age of fast internet speeds, online converters have become more convenient.  Unlike MP3 converter software, they don’t require download and install to solve your problem. None of the MP3 converters provides better value and ease of use like Audio Converter Online. Users and critics alike have named it as the best online MP3 converter tool, since it works well in PCs that run a Mac and Windows operating systems.

Audio Conversion Features to Expect

Many online MP3 converter tools fall short of user expectations, and that could be the reason most people are yet to take them up. However, this software has given online audio converters a new lease of life. Read on to the end of this review to find out why Audio Converter Online is the best for your Mac and Windows PC.


Onlne MP3 Converter


No Downloads Required

Presently, most downloadable software installs parallel and unrelated software and programs that consume much space on your hard disk. There is also the risk of downloading malware that compromises the integrity of the data in your computer or network. Audio Converter Online allows you to carry out MP3 conversion quickly without installing it on your Mac or Windows PC.

Unlike the downloaded software where you have to ensure it is compatible with your operating system, Audio Converter Online only requires that you have a modern browser. For this, it will run on Mac and Windows PC.

Straightforward User Interface

Many online audio converters have a cluttered interface, and it has led to most people to give them a wide berth. However, you get an easy and straightforward user interface, with minimal design on Audio Converter Online.

Easy Loading of MP3 Tracks

Audio Converter Online allows for some of the easiest ways to load your preferred MP3s with little work. You can upload the tracks from your device as well as from a remote server. You can choose between either PC upload or Remote upload, whichever you prefer, the conversion process is easy and quick. However, you can also simply enter the URL of an online file, a factor that makes it the best online MP3 converter.

Broad Range of Supported Audio Formats

This online MP3 Converter supports a wide range of input audio formats such as M4R, MP3, AMR, OGG, WAV, FLAC, M4A, just to name a few. Not only does Audio Converter Online support the popular formats, but also it allows you to convert rare audio formats into formats compatible with modern multimedia players. No matter the input format of your audio file, you can convert it to MP3 one of the widely used audio formats in the world.

Change Bitrate, Sample Rates & Channels

Most of the online audio converters can only perform the conversion process and output the file into an MP3. However, Audio Converter Online allows you to adjust the Bitrate, Sample Rates, and Channels and many more. To ensure that you maintain the quality of your files, Audio Converter Online supports lossless mode.

Output the Converted MP3

Audio Converter Online allows you to convert files as large as 200 MB per session. This can be either a single file or multiple files since it supports batch conversion. For online conversion, your internet speeds will depend on how long it takes to finish the conversion process; however, Audio Converter Online is one of the fastest converters in the industry. After the conversion process is complete, you can download the MP3s individually or together in a Zip file.

For each of the output formats you choose, you can use the installed presets or customize them as well as the option to choose between CD quality and DVD quality. You get at least nine compression levels if you decide to customize the output format. The whole process is fast and easy, and without a doubt, it is the best online MP3 converter.

Customer Support

Online converters can be problematic for most people and this reason; Audio Converter Online has a dedicated customer support page. You only have to input your name, email address, the problem you are facing, and then type in your message or question. The administrators will respond to your concerns in a few minutes via your email address.

Windows Audio Conversion

One of the struggles most people deal with is in having a bad audio file that will require that you build an index to play it. You can use Audio Converter Online to fix the errors in your MP3 or other audio formats. Windows Media Player is the default player that comes with all versions of windows, and you do not have to download other multimedia players to play your audio files. This online MP3 converter allows you to convert your audio files into formats that the Windows Media Player can support, such as MP2/3/4, WAV, and WMV just to name a few. However, there are other players compatible with Windows, and they can play almost anything.

Mac Audio Conversion

You can use Audio Converter Online to convert various audio files into MP3 as well as other rare audio formats for playing on your Mac irrespective of the player you are using. Audio Converter Online without a doubt is the best online MP3 converter for your Mac since it runs on the preinstalled browser Safari and other modern browsers that run on your Mac.

While most converters are not compatible with various operating systems, Audio Converter Online works for all operating systems. However, the uploading an MP3 from your computer might take several seconds, which can be daunting if you are a new user. However, you can use Audio Converter Online to make ringtones for your iPhone, Android, as well as windows phone.


Of all converters, there is, Audio Converter Online is the best online MP3 converter available today. You will be able to output your new file in less than five clicks. You can take the guesswork out of audio converting and use Audio Converter Online.

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