Common programming mistakes that you should avoid

When you are learning how to program, it is completely natural to end up with mistakes. However, it is important to be aware of your mistakes, so that you can fix them in future attempts. Here is list of some of the most common programming mistakes that software engineers do. They can create a tremendous impact on the final outcome of the software.


  1. Messy code formatting

The code should be written in a proper format. This can assist the developer who is working on the project and for everyone else, who would get the need to take a look at the code. The amateur programmers don’t have a clear understanding about it. As a result, they tend to use inconsistent white spaces and new lines on the code.


  1. Improper usage of lower case and upper case

Some of the programming languages are case sensitive. Unfortunately, there are programmers who tend to go ahead with coding while neglecting this fact. Therefore, it is extremely important to be consistent when coding, especially when specifying function names and variable names. Otherwise, your code would not run and you will have to go through a lot of frustration when trying to figure out where the bug is.


  1. Ad function names and variables

When naming the functions and variables, a proper methodology needs to be followed. The names should be related and any person should have the ability to get a basic understanding about what is meant by having a look at the variable name. On the other hand, some programmers declare the same variable with two different names. If you do such mistakes, your code would never run and give the desired output.


  1. Over-commenting

Comments are an important aspect of the code. It is important to specify the comments so that the code would become more meaningful. However, software engineers should be careful enough to stay away from over-commenting. This would make the code a mess and nobody will be able to get what is meant by it. The comments should be limited to the place wherever appropriate.


  1. Confusion between different platforms, frameworks, languages and IDEs

When you are starting to code, you will have knowledge from various platforms, frameworks, languages and IDEs. As a result, there is a high chance for you to get confused. That’s why it is extremely important to stick to a single language when developing a program with the assistance of that specific language. This would help the programmer to stay away from confusion.


  1. Not backing up the work in a regular basis

This is another common mistake done by programmers. The work you do should be backed up on a regular basis. You never know when your data would lose. If you lose your data and if you don’t have a backup with you, you will have to start coding again from the beginning, Therefore, it is important to make it a habit to take regular backups.

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