How to Build Your Site with Website Builders

Nowadays is almost mandatory to own a website if you really want to grow or boost your image, business, career, etc. In the world we are living today, where everything is becoming internet-friendly and the things are changing drastically from how they were twenty years ago, having a website is definitely a must have.

Several years ago, making a website was a hard task that, besides difficult, required a lot of money as well. The reason to this is that people had to hire a professional programmer or coder and even a group of programmers to make a single website.

However, in more recent times, the appearance of website builders have definitely changed the game for people who want to build a website with the same benefits as hiring a professional programmer. Now, is easier and convenient to have a website in order to improve your image, business, etc.

It doesn’t matter if you are a personal trainer, a photographer, or even a teacher. With the use of a website builder, you can design your website the way you like.

Types of Website Builders

Before getting started and begin to build your own website, you have to first understand what you are looking for and what your website is going to be for. Depending on your necessities, you can decide which type of website builder you need.

There are two types of website builders which are online website builders and offline website builders.

  • Online Website Builders

Online website builders are probably the most common ones, they are used for most types of website, either be a dating, medical, social network and even an e-commerce page. They require the customer (owner of the website) to sign up for a hosting company and your content will be ready and up on the web.

The best feature of the online website builder is that doesn’t require any experience in coding or programming at all. You can easily personalize your site with the content you want without having to worry about codes.

  • Offline Website Builders

Offline website builders, on the other hand, require a little bit of knowledge in coding, HTML, and CSS (cascading style sheets). Despite the benefits are almost the same, offline website builders are a little bit harder to manipulate.

The good thing about offline website builders is that they are more flexible and allow you to make more things on your site. The problem is that they are usually more expensive.

What to Consider Before Getting a Website Builder

There are plenty of website builders on the internet available for you and many of them are for free. However, not all of them offer you the same features in order for you to take the most out of your website to promote your product, service, image or whatever you want.

It is for that reason you have to keep in mind some considerations before getting a website builder or hiring one (in the case you have to pay).

  • Trajectory and Popularity

When choosing a website builder you have look for their trajectory. The more time a website builder is on the internet offering their service, the better the chances that you will get a good product.

The popularity is also a good determinant of quality, the more users and customers the website builder has the better.

  • Policies and Support Team

The refund policies and, policies in general as well as a good and responsible support team, is a good sign that the company is serious about their business and their customers.

It is important to have answers at the reach of your hand when you have any doubt about the product in general.

  • What you are looking for

This is definitely the most important one, every website builder is similar to each other. However, there are some characteristics and features that differentiate them from each other.

Some might work you better if you are looking for beautiful and professional designs. While some others can give an easier use and more customizable features.



How to Build your Website with a Website Builder

The steps and procedures you have to follow in order to build your website with a website builder are almost the same regardless the company you are using. Nevertheless, you have to follow some steps to give your website all it needs to benefit you the most.

Based on the top website builder companies (Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc.) are going to be mentioned the steps to follow.

  • Make a Plan

Regardless what your website is going to be, you have to think in a strategy and make a plan. Ask yourself what you want to offer, what is your target, think about a mission and vision, study your competition and find a way to offer something innovational and different.

It is really important that you know all these details before you start building your website.

  • Work on your Web Design

Choosing and customizing a template is really important in a website, is, in other words, the face of your site. Most website builder companies offer you plenty of templates that you can customize, however, you have to be smart with you design in order to catch the attention of potential customers.

  • Make it Understandable and Simple

Now that you have a nice “catchy” design, you have to work with the simplicity. Everyone likes to have a pleasant experience finding the things they want and the answer to their questions when they get on a website.

Keeping your site simply by making it easy to navigate in, putting CTAs (Call for Action), and most importantly, making your content readable and enjoyable, are going to give you that boost.

  • Work Hard on your SEO

Search Engine Optimization that´s what is all about, this is the most important element to work in if you want to get your website known by potential customers and to increase your traffic in general. It is the marketing strategy that will directly affect your business.

Using the proper keywords (for search engines to give you as for first options), using meta-tags, Alt text on images and links are the ways to work on your SEO.

  • Expand your Website

Once you have a decent position in the market and a good website, it is time to expand yourself even more. Think about what you can offer to your customers or potential customers in general to expand your target market.

A way to do that is by offering free stuff, a giveaway, a contest, apps for smartphones, etc. Making your website mobile-friendly is a great way to support your site, in fact, the majority of people ingress to the website from their phones nowadays.

  • Be Consistent with your Content

The next challenge once you have a good traffic, plenty of followers, and customers, is to keep them around. Keeping your visitors engaged it might be challenging but is worth it because you are giving them the sensation that you care about them.

Making blogs consistently is a way to stay active and bring new visitors to your site. Another great way to keep your customers happy is by interacting with them, what are their necessities, how they feel about your product or service, etc.


Website builders are a great option if you are starting in the internet industry with your image, business, etc. They are also really affordable and sometimes even free.

By following the steps mentioned before and having a little bit of knowledge about what you have to consider before starting. You will be able to make a website that will give you the productivity and expectations you have.

To get your website started, a website builder is the first thing you should include in your plan. So it is always suggested that you go to before jumping into payment for a thourough comparison and reviews for website builder tools available.




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