Ultimate Picks of Best Audio Recording Software

Whether if you’ve tried several DAWs or you are a first-starter and you don’t know where to start from, this is the ultimate guide you’re looking for.

Let’s be honest, downloading and editing any audio can be tough. Copyrights, malware, and tons of ads is the best scenario you might find when looking for a good audio recording software.

Another day-to-day scenario is finding a free DAW and suddenly it turns to be a trial version (That’s the truth untold about free audio recorders.)

However, these ultimate picks of best audio recording software will make you chill and get the best audio quality with simpler steps:


Free Sound Recorder

A champion can always be beaten and this champion has stricken Audacity’ community really hard with a simple software capable of record everything coming out/in of your sound card.

It’s impossible to think of another software with so many features with a total free-to-use policy.

Free Sound Recorder also features a unique platform in which you can enhance recordings and audio files like a professional. There are times where we cannot be present at any given time, and it also incorporates a scheduled recording and way more.



The world’s most popular software and 100% free open-source DAW software – Audacity. Since its release, this audio recording software has thrived with lots of success.

It’s downloadable from its official website and it’s far away from being a bad DAW.

The truth is Audacity is a tough competitor, and that’s why we put this amazing free DAW as the second best audio recorder right now.




When we are talking about free competitors, it’s impossible to not mention Tracktion. Originally designed and created as a free music program for Behringer customers, years later it was released globally and free for everyone.

It can record and edit all audio files with a total free-to-use platform and with video files recording capabilities too.

Available for Mac, Linux and Windows, this is a free DAW you cannot miss. This is not the best option for first-starters due to its complex interface and overwhelming design.


PreSonus Studio One 3 Prime

Have you heard about this company before, right?

PreSonus is a cutting-edge company with outstanding products within audio editors software. However, it’s famous for exaggerated licenses prices and limited free-version platforms too.

But, guess what? Its team has released a new free DAW without any limitation.

However, this free version lacks many features that its older brothers already have and other’s competitors in this list have by default.


Remember how good it’s when a single software can handle all and be that fantastic all-in-one program? I bet you can because we have Ardour, a DAW that does everything.

Thinking about editing, mixing recording and mastering? Don’t worry, Ardour has been the most viable option for those looking for an all-in-one program.

Ardour is also packed with plenty of features to create that perfect audio files. A wide range of equipment is also granted to Ardour and its pluggings keep the functionality to the roof.



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